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Scrap Glass

From Shoppe Ramblings -   January 28, 2012
If you work with stained glass you know that you are always creating scrap glass; pieces left over from a project often too small to be used for much.  You can sort your glass by colour so that when you need that small piece of red or blue it is easy to find. And you can look around for projects to use your scrap glass.  Mosaic work has become very popular lately, either fusing or gluing and grouting.

Last weekend I attended a concrete sculpture course given by Ivan at Cosby's Garden Centre.  You learn to make free form sculptures (not molds) starting with wire and rods and adding concrete.  And at the end you can embed pieces of glass in your creation.  This is my second year at Cosby's.  Last year I made a bird bath and here is a picture of the finished project in my yard.

This year I made a sundial and these pictures are of the project in progress and a couple of close-ups of the stained glass decorations - a sunburst and a comet.  The sculptures have to cure for a month or two then we get to take them home.  Check back for a picture of my sundial in the garden.

Sort your scrap glass by colour and store in clear containers or bins.  It makes it so much easier to find those little tiny pieces when you need them.
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