Village Glassworks
Stained Glass Lamps

At Village Glassworks we have a number of lamps in stock.

Zig Zag lamp

Morning Glory lamp

Victorian Fan Lamp

Violet Stripes

Whales and Porpoises

We can make a lamp to compliment your room and your colour schemes.  Below are a few examples.

Circles lamp in teal & gold

Bell Lamp

Circles lamp in blue and whit

Cone Lamp

 Three Lamp Chandelier

avers Lamp

Victorian Floral lamp

Cohen's Cone
Waving Waves Lamp

Whales and Porpoises Lamp

Jewels lamp

Stripes Lamp

Floral XXXV

Quinte Cone in reds

Quinte Cone

Waves Lamp

Floral Sunrise

Lavender Cone

Cone Lamp

Tulip Lamp

Floral XIII

Lotus Fan Lamp

Sunflower Fan Lamp

Floral XXVI Sunrise

Petals lamp

Quinte Cone

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